Digital Asset

  • Diversified range of major asset classes
  • Access venture capital and scarce digital assets
  • Conventional securities with digital versions
  • InHouse Exchange Infrastructure
  • Own Privacy Blockchain

Security Token #THRSTO

Security token digitally represent the ownership rights to your asset in the form of a smart contract allowing streamlined digital issuance, management and transfer of ownership.

Easy security issuance

Whether tokenisation or a cerificate wrapper - we will securities your assets as efficiently as possible.

Seamless investor onboarding

Together with our partners we cover every step from KYC/AML to signing shareholder agreements.

Any asset class

Tokenisation is possible for any asset class. Be it equity, debt, real estate or alternative assets like minerals or art.

Regulatory Compliance

Our STO platform is fully regulated by the high standards of the EU financial regulatory body.

Effortless Management

We provide interfaces to help you intuitively manage your investors and any coprorate actions and reporting.


By digitising ownership, the transfer of assets between parties becomes as easy as sending an email.

Diversify your portfolio
by investing in Digital &
Crypto Assets through
THR Digital Portfolio

Initial Asset Price $10 Peaked at $1600 & Paid 5X The Original Investment in Dividends so far.
  • Robust Trading Infrastructure
  • High Volume Trading
  • Aggregated Prices
  • Unlimited Market Access
  • Efficient Arbitrage
  • Faster Order Execution < 100 ms

Multi-Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Tens of trillions of dollars will be unlocked as traditional assets convert to digital

Greater Liquidity

Digital assets allow early liquidity, providing maximum utility and flexibility of the investment.

Low fees, Higher Performance

Digital assets are created, bought, and sold ofr 1/5 the cost of traditional capital markets, lifting fund performance.

50-75% of the stocks and bonds trading on Wall Street/Financial Markets today could be tokenized, and in 3 years 25% of the stocks and bonds on Wall Street will be tokenized