Making Sense of Crypto Investing

Thorecoin is an amalgamation of different Digital Assets. It acts as a basket of Assets that people can invest in without having to invest in each technology separately.

Crypto Assets are a Sensible Investment

The crypto market has the potential for exponential growth. A highly asymmetric risk return profile and uncorrelated behaviour makes crypto an exciting asset class.


We are an investment firm exclusively focused on cryptocurrency Digital Assets Security Tokens & blockchain technology. We manage over $15 mm across 6 ventures and two cryptocurrency funds. Our funds are open to accredited/Retail investors seeking to invest $5000+ or more in digital assets or Thore Network ventures.

Digital Assets


Members of MVIS family of benchmarks

01. How it works

We are financial services firm dedicated to crypto asset investing. we manage a suite of high-quality indices, complexity-free offerings and customized investment programs for high-net-worth individuals and institions.

02. Track our index

We apply a stringent selection criterion that systematically tracks the performance of the most liquid, secure and investable crypto assets. Indices are market-cap weighted, automatically rebalanced and priced in real time.

Thorecoin’s main advantage lies in eliminating the need to buy each Venture separately. In this manner, the potential investors are required to keep an eye on the price of THR Digital Portfolio token only, instead of having to keep tabs on prices of all Ventures.

Initialoffering DigitalAssets Index Tracking Mining Trading Lending Mining Exposure to crypto mining companies generating income Initial offering Exposure to blockchain funds with exposure to intial coin offerings and security token offerings : exposure to private equity type gains Lending Exposure to crypto and fiat loans markets across crypto exchanges offering high yields Index tracking Exposure to multiple crypto currencies offering capital appreciation Digital Assets Global listed companies that arecommitting material resourcesseeking to transform practical business applications through the developmentand use of blockchain technology Trading Exposure to absolute return type strategies through cryptocurrency trading and exchange arbitrage