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Thore Digitial Asset Portfolio

Thore Crest

Thore Digital Assets Portfolio
Return & Risk

USD $1110 +5.65%

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Thore Crest-Equity

Return & Risk

USD $500 +5.65%

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Thore Crest-Commodity

Return & Risk

USD $500 +5.65%

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Security Token Offering Features

Asset backed EU compliant tokens
Connect with retail investors, funds and angel investors
Pay dividends to token holders


Peer-to-peer capability of blockchain allows for 24/7/365 exchange.

Fractional Ownership

Aggregate a crowd of investors who can own fractions of a large asset.

New Investors

A wider audience of global investors is available without the size & geography constraints of traditional VC.

Efficient Administration

Manage administration (fund collection, voting) at scale through a single portal.


Investors can own investments directly and have oversight over token supply/emission changes

Programmable Functionality

Buybacks, redemptions and dividend distributions can be automated through smart contracts.

Ongoing STO


Thorecoin Security Token.
Thorecoin #Waves Security token #STO represents a basket of top-traded high-demand Digital Assets.

Main sale 2019-2020 Completed