Thore Tokenized Digital Asset Index FUND #2021

Autonomous 'token-as-a-fund' available in 75+ countries

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$1000000 $500

Thorecoin Funds Crypto index fund

Gaining exposure to crypto-assets in a secure and efficient manner has been a constant roadblock for investors. ThoreCOIN was formed to ensure that the sophisticated and professional investment market can deploy capital into single-asset and diverse structures without the need to do their own rebalancing, custody, reporting and insurance. We bridge the gap between traditional investors and digital-asset exposure with Digital Portfolio Token & Security Token Protocol

Digital assets are better

Unlocking value
Improving the attributes of an asset as well as significantly lowering costs should drive asset value higher beyond its value today.


  • Earlier access to buy & sell
  • Liquidity premiums


  • Transact at will
  • Immediate settlement


  • Fractionalization
  • Opens new market 24/7/365


  • Less firction across borders
  • Financial inclusion


  • Proactive enforcement
  • Existing regulatory framework


  • Definitive ownership
  • Immutable record

Benefits of a digital security offering

Proprietary Investment Methodology

Solely focused on maximizing our investors’ capital growth through proprietary and actively managed investment strategies in the digital asset (cryptocurrency) sector.

Asset security

The private keys for our blockchain digital currency assets are stored in offline cold storage which are consigned to a third party safe deposit network. The private keys are heavily encrypted and require multiple signature to send funds.

Easy exposure to market

We take conviction positions across large and small cap digital assets as well as early stage financing rounds of assets that display outstanding growth potential.

Invest from just 100

Invest from as little as Invest from as little as $100 and immediately start tracking our index. The blockchain and digital currencies is an emerging market. We recommend you keep your money in the fund for 3-5 years. Do not invest any capital you are not prepared to lose.

Quarterly rebalancing

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. Once you have invested, we will automatically rebalance the individual assets within the fund, on a quarterly basis, to make sure the fund index is growing and taking advantage of the latest new technologies.

Digital Asset Fund summary terms

Minimum Investment
$100 USD
Minimum Fund Size
$1000000 USD
Fund Type
Stock Exchange Listing
Yes, within 6-9 months
Fund Lock-up
Until exchange-listed or 6 months
Management Fee
1.5% per annum

Digital Assets are significantly more efficient

Asset Attribute Digital Assets Current Technology
Settlement Time Instant ~2 Days
Cost of capital None High
Access to shereholders High Low
Counterparty Risk No YES
Manual Reconciliation No YES
Global Interoperabilty Yes No
Immutability Yes No
Longer Market Hours Yes No
Regulatory & Compliance Yes No

Asset Attribute Digital Asset Gold Banknotes
Fungibility (Interchangeable with other assets) Very high High High
Recognizability (Being known by many/most) Very high High High
Scarcity (a limited supply) Very high High Low
Durability (Incapable of being destroyed) Very high High Low
Divisibility (Capable of being easily divided) Very high Medium High
Portability (Ability to easily move the asset) Very high Medium High
Intrinsic Value (Worth of underlying asset) Very high High Medium
Stability (Ability to maintain value) High Medium Medium


Trade ThoreCOIN Digital FUND Token on any of these exchanges without any broker, advice or exit fees. You can also liquidate your THR directly via the smart contract.